Montage – Nazism in Germany and reactionaries manifestations in Brazil.


Author: Sandro Ari Andrade de Miranda, Lawyer, Master in Social Sciences.


It is not only in the reactionaries (verde-amarelistas) manifestations and on the attacks of sectors of the judiciary and the public prosecutor to constitutional freedoms of the citizens that we observe the emergence of ur-fascism. The apology to hatred proposed by conservative groups and by the great media begins to take spaces of conversation and dialog in the private life of individuals, as in the manifestations of hatred that proliferate in social networks.

What could be a great instrument for the public discussion of ideas and manifestation of thoughts was transformed into a kingdom of intolerance and contempt to intimacy of people. There are very few times I had the opportunity to observe the tactic of Goebbels, “repeat a lie thousand times to transform it in truth“, in “posts” individualized of people or groups theoretically disgruntled with the government on Twitter and Facebook, many of which financed by organizations oppositionists, by large companies or by international capital.

The mantra of hatred walks along with a lie with the misappropriation of information, and with the failure to honor and privacy of individuals. Many are mixing criticism with aggression, libel and slander, without counting the junction of the opportunity for the dissemination of prejudices. The hatred hidden against poor, northeasterners, women, workers, homosexuals, among others, came out of the shadows and definitively campear replaced in the speeches of conservative social segments.

This type of conduct is not compatible with a civilised regime and with the democratic rule of law. If the policy cannot be exercised so naive, also cannot be used as an instrument for the aggression and for the proliferation of hatred. Moreover, those who work in the proliferation of hatred does not advocate the policy, or the condemnation of politics as a path for the construction of ideals transformers.

The tolerance, respect for difference, the guarantee of freedom, of intimacy and the honor of members of society were always central base in the construction of any modern concept of democracy. But when the institutions themselves responsible for the protection of these rights, such as the Public Ministry and the Judiciary exercise the attack on democratic freedoms, giving the bad example by means of the orgy of prisons precautionary measures and selective, by the invasion of the intimacy of the citizens, and by political judgment of his adversaries ideological, conditions are created to the expansion of actions of fascist imprint in various spaces of social relationship.

Silence in the face of this hatred campaign professed by “verde-amarelistas” and by the media can you make us accomplices of the creation of a kingdom of injustices. Today, those who place themselves at the side of the thought scammer forgets that among the foundations of this movement is the deconstruction of fundamental rights that benefit all, and thus as Germans who acceded to Nazism, the people that take part in this movement will soon lose several years apologizing to humanity for crimes against the dignity of the human person that already have been and will be charged.

There is no valid justification for the stamping of hatred, and its growth within the Brazilian society can only leads it to tragedies.



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